Presentation of the “Integrated formula” at Commission expert workshop on modelling recycling in LCA in PEF context

A workshop on End of Life (EoL) formulas in the context of the Environmental Footprint (EF) pilot phase was held on 6 October 2014 in Brussels at TEPPFA, upon invitation by the European Commission, with 70+ participants representing the 27 pilots projects and a range of stakeholders and experts.

In addition to the EC proposed 50/50 approach, three alternative approaches were presented. One of these is the Integrated approach, that has been developed by Marc-Andree Wolf of maki Consulting jointly with Kirana Chomkhamsri and Fulvio Ardente, interpreting the text of the Commission’s International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook that we had coordinated and edited from 2009-2010. As a reformulation of the Integrated approach, a modular formula was moreover presented that can be used in the EN 15804 construction standard, that being a reformulation yields overall identical results with the Integrated formula. Next steps will be for all interested pilot projects to test the Integrated formula, next to the default 50/50 formula of the EC that had been met with some criticism, what has led among others to this workshop. A summary of the workshop is under preparation by the Commission; we will post the link on our homepage.

We are moreover preparing a free White paper with more explanations and illustrative calculations; we will make it accessible here.

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