First ever, not-for-profit professional association for the global life cycle community formed – FSLCI

This is the first ever global and independent, professional association from and for life cycle practitioners: the new, not-for-profit “Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation e.V.” (FSLCI –, initiated by a group of open-minded renowned LCA experts from all over the world. It has the aim to be a forum for exchange of ideas and experience, to achieve a better representation of our common interests to decision makers, and to make our expertise be more widely heard. The FSLCI has the mission to „Be the global voice of the Life Cycle community to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society by promoting global, systematic and effective application of Life Cycle Innovation.“ I am proud to have had the opportunity to join this initiative and have become a founding member. Register already now (and benefit from the early member discounts – make sure to enter the beta-launch coupon when registering), or join later, but don’t miss the special WS and first general assembly incl. election of the full Board of Directors during the LCM Conference in Bordeaux, on 3rd September this year (see under “Events”). See the initial Board of Directors at

maki Consulting GmbH (Ltd.) formed !

As of 27 March this year, maki Consulting is registered as “Limited” company, (German “GmbH”) – after the effective entry into the trade register today! CEOs are Marc-Andree Wolf and Kirana Wolf (nee Chomkhamsri). Changes to the website are ongoing.

Free White paper on the “Integrated formula” for modeling recycling, energy recovery and reuse in LCA

Please download from here the free White paper on the “Integrated formula” for modeling recycling, energy recovery and reuse in LCA, that has been developed by Marc-Andree Wolf of maki Consulting jointly with Kirana Chomkhamsri and Fulvio Ardente, interpreting and advancing the text of the Commission’s International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook. We hope this formula will serve the Commission efforts to put in place a single, flexible formula for product end-of-life modelling for the implementation of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organistion Environmental Footprint (OEF), and look forward to the resuts from further testing this formula in many of the 27 pilots projects under the ongoing pilot phase of the PEF and OEF.

Presentation of the “Integrated formula” at Commission expert workshop on modelling recycling in LCA in PEF context

A workshop on End of Life (EoL) formulas in the context of the Environmental Footprint (EF) pilot phase was held on 6 October 2014 in Brussels at TEPPFA, upon invitation by the European Commission, with 70+ participants representing the 27 pilots projects and a range of stakeholders and experts.

In addition to the EC proposed 50/50 approach, three alternative approaches were presented. One of these is the Integrated approach, that has been developed by Marc-Andree Wolf of maki Consulting jointly with Kirana Chomkhamsri and Fulvio Ardente, interpreting the text of the Commission’s International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook that we had coordinated and edited from 2009-2010. As a reformulation of the Integrated approach, a modular formula was moreover presented that can be used in the EN 15804 construction standard, that being a reformulation yields overall identical results with the Integrated formula. Next steps will be for all interested pilot projects to test the Integrated formula, next to the default 50/50 formula of the EC that had been met with some criticism, what has led among others to this workshop. A summary of the workshop is under preparation by the Commission; we will post the link on our homepage.

We are moreover preparing a free White paper with more explanations and illustrative calculations; we will make it accessible here.

Get access to the workshop agenda ( and background material, including some draft presentations (

Get access to the presentations at:

For more information on the PEF/OEF and the pilot phase please see here:

Meet us at the avniR Conference 2014 “Life Cycle in Practice”, 5-6 November 2014 in Nouveau Siècle, Lille, France

[avniR] Conference brings together experts, scientists, businesses and policy makers of a wide range of sectors: textiles, construction, food, transportation, etc.. over 2 days. The goal is to share and exchange the latest scientific advances and allow companies, including SMEs, to better understand the challenges of the Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment to act for a society more respectful of the environment.

Marc-Andree Wolf of maki Consulting will chair the session “Challenges of LCA methodologies” upon invitation by the organisers cd2e. We will also present a summary of our 2014 survey on National LCA databases worldwide as a poster presentation.

Meet us at that event:

Free workshop report on Green Data Centres

The share of data centres in worldwide electricity consumption now reaches 2%, with a high, exponential growth rate. Data centre operation, but also production and end-of-life of the equipment, are hence relevant contributors to environmental burdens from emissions and resource consumption. At the same time, data centres contribute to the so-called “enabling effect” of ICT, i.e. of helping other industries to improve their environmental performence. Within this setting, the European Commission’s DG CONNECT has organised a workshop on “Green Data Centres: policy measures, methodologies and metrics” in context of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The invited experts from across the data centre industry and from data centre users have discussed the following questions and made related recommendations: Is there a lack of environmental policy measures and publicly available data on data centres? Is there a need of new metrics / harmonisation of existing ones on the environmental impact of data centres? Should the Data Centre, in the context of environmental policy measures/methodologies/metrics, be approached as a system or should it be approached as its individual components?

maki Consulting has developed the background report and presentation for this workshop and has subsequently prepared as rapporteur the freely accessible workshop report on its outcome.

Free White paper by maki Consulting: “National LCA databases – status and ways towards interoperability”

Download the free White paper of May 2014 on “National LCA databases – status and ways towards interoperability“. It expands on a paper presented as invited speaker at the 11th APRSCP in Bangkok on 20 May 2014.

International Conference “Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy” (SAFE) – Bali, Indonesia from 17-19 Sept 2014; Abstracts until 15 July

You may want to hear about the latest progress in technology and research in sustainable agriculture and contribute your own expertise and experience at the 2014 International Conference “Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy” (SAFE) – Bali, Indonesia from 17-19 Sept 2014: Deadline for abstracts is 15 July 2014. The theme of SAFE2014 is “Global Action For Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy”. With the said major themes this conference  invites research papers on the following sub-themes and topics: (1)  Sustainability of food in science and technology (2)  Sustanable Bioenergy Sources and Management. (3)  Sustainable Agriculture and food production (4)  Sustainability assessment of food, bioenergy and agricultural development (5)  Policy development and guidelines to support global action for sustainable agriculture, food and energy in Asia Pacific and further topics.  

Meet us at the LCA Agri-Food Asia and ICGSI in Bangkok, 22-23 May 2014

LCA in the agri-food sector has developed rapidly, in particular for sustainable agriculture, sustainable intensification of food production systems, innovation technology of low-carbon products and for guiding consumers toward more sustainable food-consumption patterns (e.g. via carbon and environmental footprint labels). LCA Agri-food Asia has emerged to serve as the forum for experience sharing and collaborative research activities at the regional level. The ICGSI (International Conference on Green and Sustainable Innovation) has developed into an international scientific forum for researchers, practitioners, academics, and professionals for updates on new knowledge in LCA and its applications.

Meet maki Consulting at this combined event.

See for details and registration.

EcoBalance 2014 (27-30 Oct 2014; Tsukuba, Japan) – call for abstracts open until 25 March

We are proud to again support this long-standing and important international, bi-annual conference on Life Cycle Assessment and related areas as selected member of the International Advisory Board.

Members of industry, government and advanced research bodies and consultants will meet this year to exchange experience on how to “Create benefits through life cycle thinking”.

The website for submission is now open:

***Important dates***
Abstract submission deadline: 25 Mar 2014
Acceptance notification: 14 May 2014
Presenter registration deadline: 10 Jul 2014
Extended abstract submission deadline: 10 Sep 2014
Online registration deadline: 10 Oct 2014
Conference: 27-30 Oct 2014