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Kirana Wolf (nee Chomkhamsri)

Marc-Andree Wolf (PhD) – CEO, owner, senior expert
Dr.-Ing.; Geoecologist (MSc). 25+ years working experience in Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental and Carbon footprinting as well as Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment with focus on strategic and method advice, database development, and review.
Involved as expert contractor of the European Commission with several contracts in the Environmental Footprint pilot phase 2013-2018 and the ongoing transition phase (2019-2025). Previously technical expert responsible for developing ILCD Handbook documents on General LCA methodology at the European Commission’s JRC-IES, and of various other technical and non-technical documents (incl. ILCD data format, online Data Network for Product Passport type information management, Flow list and Nomenclature), for building up stakeholder networks with industry and National LCA projects, coordinating stakeholder meetings, and conceiving software solutions for data exchange and publication including via the ILCD Data Network (now named LCDN) at the European Commission, JRC-IES (Jun 2005 – Jan 2012). Working group member 2017-2018 for IEC Standard development of EN 45555 and 45557. Product Manager Content for the MLC (formerly GaBi) Databases of Sphera (formerly thinkstep) since 2014, as external contractor since 2016 (ongoing).
Earlier, LCA studies for industry clients and in research projects, development of advanced LCI model and database on renewable materials / agriculture & forestry products, coordination / specification of GaBi LCA software development, and project acquisition at IKP (now IABP) University Stuttgart (Sep 1998 to May 2005) including as head of the department “GaBi”, and as consultant and head of R&D at PE Europe GmbH (later known as thinkstep AG / Sphera) (Jan 2003 to May 2005). Teaching at University Stuttgart and the International MBA school SIMT, from 2001-2003.
Email: marc-andree.wolf at maki-consulting.com

Kirana Chomkhamsri – CEO, owner, senior expert
Chemical engineer (MEng). 20+ years working experience in Life Cycle Assessment and Cleaner Technology, with focus on data set and database development, review, method evaluation.
Senior researcher at TU Berlin from 2012 – 2015.
Technical expert responsible for developing the original Environmental footprint guides for Products and Organizations (PEF and OEF guides), and the ILCD Handbook documents on Review schemes and Reviewer qualification at the European Commission, JRC-IES (Feb 2009 – Feb 2012).
Technical expert responsible at MTEC for the original Thai National LCA database project (2006 to 2008).
Served as technical committee member of several international/national standards/protocol e.g. PAS 2050, GHG protocol scope 3 and Product Life Cycle Accounting & Reporting Standard, etc.
Email: kirana.chomkhamsri  at  maki-consulting.com

Marc-Andree Wolf as individual is founding member of the FSLCI, the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation, the first membership-based global not-for profit professional association for life cycle exerts, i.e. the voice of our common professional interests and concerns. (http://fslci.org)


Expert pool:

As required for the specific project and in close consultation with oir clients, we complement our own capacities by drawing on our extensive, wordwide network of external, independent, experienced and reliable experts. This relates to required language capabilities and expert-services on location and also outside Germany and Thailand, particularly in Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, United States (other countries on request), as well as regarding complementary expertise.